• City of Bethlehem

Update on Martin Tower Demolition

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The official date for the demolition of the former Bethlehem Steel’s Martin Tower will be Sunday, May 19th, 2019. The demolition time has yet to be determined, but will most likely take place during early morning day light hours.

The property owners, City of Bethlehem and demolition experts, are working together on defining safe areas for viewing as well as restricted areas where no one shall be permitted. An area map will be provide at a later date and will include all street closures and restricted areas. Additional information will be released in mid-April. All necessary provisions to ensure the safety, health and welfare, of the public are being taken for this large undertaking.

Built in 1972, Martin Tower is a 21-story, 332 ft. building located on 8th Avenue in Bethlehem. Named after Bethlehem Steel’s Chairman, Edmund F. Martin, the city’s only skyscraper stands 8ft above Allentown’s PP&L Center and has been vacated since 2007.