• City of Bethlehem

Water Advisory

Water Advisory


For Immediate Release: May 15, 2019

Contact: Ed Boscola, Director, Water and Sewer Resources – 610-865-7207

In preparation for the implosion of Martin Tower, contractors will be conducting fire hydrant operations in the area of Eaton and 8th Avenues on Wednesday May 15, 2019. Due to the increase in the volume of water being used, City of Bethlehem water customers in the area may experience loss of pressure and/or discolored or cloudy water. This activity will occur again on Sunday May 19, 2019 during the implosion event.

If you experience discolored or cloudy water we advise that you do not let your water run continuously. Rather, run your cold water faucets only for a few minutes at a time until it begins to clear up. Repeat this step every hour or so until the water runs clear. We recommend that you do not run your hot water while you are experiencing discolored or cloudy water; this will only draw sediment into your hot water tank. While the water remains safe for consumption, you should consider avoiding activities such as washing clothes.

Any loss of pressure and/or cloudy water should be a short-term condition. If the water does not clear up in a few hours or you have an emergency involving your water service, please contact Water Control at (610) 865-7077. Thank you for your patience in this matter.